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Grooming Your Rottweiler

The basic Rottweiler care has a few must-dos such as brushing, nail clipping, bath, teeth brushing and cleaning of the ears. This has to start quite early in life, especially with a Rottweiler or you may have major problems with it later in its adulthood.

Somebody rightly said that you can see whether a dog is happy or not from the way it looks. Rottweiler grooming forms an essential part in the Rottweiler care, though not a major one.

The Rottweiler has short coat which normally does not need too much brushing. They will need brushing mostly during their shedding time, and for the short coat they have you will be amazed at the amount of hair you will find all over the house when they shed. If their diet is good, then their coat will shine brightly and have a clean appearance.

The nails will need to be clipped at regular intervals depending upon what type of surface they are walking on. If they have a rough hard surface, such as a courtyard, then the clipping of the nails will not be necessary as often. This part of the Rottweiler care could be entrusted to the vet, unless you are sure about what you are doing and proper Rottweiler grooming suggests that nails be clipped at least once a month.

The Rottweiler, like all dogs need their baths, though not often. Here it is appropriate to mention that these dog breeds are one of the most odorless of all dog breeds, and baths should not be too often, once in two or three months, unless the dog rolls over something and has to be cleaned before he gets inside the house.

Choose Shampoos Carefully

According to the latest advice on Rottweiler grooming, you should not use flea and tick shampoos unless necessary, and medicated shampoos are not the right one for a good coat and should be avoided. You can use one type of shampoo or different shampoos every time you bath your Rottweiler.

If you go after the correct Rottweiler care you will need to brush your canine’s teeth every three or four days with dog toothpaste which he can happily swallow because it is meat flavored. Use a finger toothbrush for better coverage, however, if you are not comfortable with this type of brushing or your dog does not allow you to do it, then you can ask your vet for advice. There are dog toys, which are specifically designed to brush the dog’s teeth when they are chewed.

Rottweilers need their ears cleaned periodically as well, and there are ready-made solutions with clear instructions which can be used at home by anyone. However, just as with the nails, if you are not comfortable with the idea, let the vet do it.

The Rottweiler care, as you can see can be pretty unnerving with an adult dog, unless you start very early in its life, right from when it is a puppy and have it accustomed to it thoroughly. In order to do a good job with your grooming, read what you need to groom your Rottweiler.

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