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Types Of Rottweiler

Everyone is aware of the standard looks of a Rottweiler as it is usually jet black with rust markings on its eyebrows, jaws, chest and legs in a specific manner. The height and shape of the body of both the male and female are recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club). The standards have been set so the breed can be easily identified and the sub-standard or deviations treated as such. There are subtle differences though, for example theĀ German Rottweiler.

Rare Rottweilers Or Defective Genes

There are few close deviations that vie for attention as thoroughbreds and these are the Red Rottweiler, The Wavy Coat Rottweiler, the Blue Rottweiler and the albino Rottweiler. The Red Rottweiler is very much like the normal breed, only it is reddish in color and the rust markings are lighter in color. The eyes too differ in color, being a very light brown or even blue.

In some rare cases this is the result of a faulty gene, which got twisted along to produce a different shade of coloring. This is normally the result of excessive inbreeding, which will actually mean that it has many other genetic defects. A good and responsible breeder will ensure that it is spayed or neutered lest it will be used to create more such animals.

The Wavy Coat Rottweiler is without a doubt the result of one faulty gene, which does make it rare, though not good enough to be recognized as a thorough bred. Unlike the Red Rottweiler, it will not usually have any other genetic defects. While according to the standard rules this dog will be disqualified from shows, some kennel clubs are inclined to recognize it as the a pure bred. The alteration to wavy medium sized coat is however very rare and not encouraged for further breeding.

The Blue Rottweiler is a smaller sized species, which has a bluish-black coat and most of the times black eyes too. This is an original breed, which is still recognized as authentic in Germany and many places of Europe. The AKC too recognizes it, provided it has all the other signs and markings required by a pure bred.

The Albino Rottweiler, very similar to the Red one, is a freak of nature, resulting from too much inbreeding and it is not advisable to have it up for breeding. It is a beautiful dog normally, who has no other problems other than looking a bit odd.

This is a brief overview on the different variations of this breed, but in order to be sure of the type of dog, ensure that you consult a vet before you decide whether or not to buy such a rare species.

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